When some advocate for abolishing the police in response to police brutality, discrimination or corruption, it sounds pretty extreme. For, there is indeed crime in our world, and there needs to be a way for the society to respond to crime.


When looking into details of how policing works in US, and what results its mechanics create, you end up gravitating towards the opinion that nothing short of a total overhaul of policing in US can solve this problem.

From elected sheriffs who push the country level policing in the direction of the their own political sentiments of the…

Recently surfacing information indicates that the Capitol raid was an actual coup which failed to materialize as desired. All recent revelations point to some kind of plan being in action starting from Donald Trump’s election loss and culminating on Jan 6 events, with events building up on and following each other in a systematic way.

The sequence of events is as follows:

1 — Trump fires Defense Secretary after election loss

In an abrupt move which baffled many, Trump fires Defense Secretary after the election loss — a move which would reveal to have meaning much later.

2 — ‘Stop the steal’ campaign is pushed by Trump

Trump and his crowd claim election was stolen and start turning to…

Just have look at this scene:

It’s not a scene from the show Walking Dead.

It’s actual Americans (Trump supporters) protesting in Ohio, demanding that the governor reopen businesses during the early stages of the limited lock down.

This attitude was repeated practically everywhere in US, either preventing or complicating pandemic responses, and in many cases causing them to be short-duration measures.

And this is the result

Socialism always fails, but, for some reason, every single time it fails, it requires US sanctions, economic warfare, ‘freedom fighters’ or outright invasion to fail.

The U.S. Declares Economic War Against Venezuela US sanctions are killing Venezuelans, says former UN rapporteur The human cost of America’s “economic war” in Venezuela Neoliberalism or Death — the U.S. Economic War Against Venezuela

The situation is basically summarized best in the below hypothetical quote from Charlie Kirk:

You can kill only so many of a people before they start to fight back. There is a tipping point for this kind of stuff. And apparently it was this one.

Since mid 2000s when social media came to being and mobile phones with video capability propagated, there were frequent cases of police brutality documented and posted online. Statistics showed what was documented was only a small fraction of what was happening. Such cases and the impunity with which US police engaged in such brutality increased regularly during the last 15 years.

Those who enabled this situation defended the police…

There is a reason for that, and the reason lies in the backdrop of these events:

Coronavirus varieties were being worked on in dozens of countries’ bioweapons labs for years. Its not a new thing. WHO shouldn’t allow any bioweapons labs, but actually it does. Not that many countries would shut down their bioweapons labs if WHO asked them anyway.

Coronavirus varieties are all natural in origin. But what is done in these labs is modifying the virus to become more lethal, to be used as bioweapons.

US is among the countries which does this kind of bioweapons research.


Just check out its core philosophy, with its core terms in bold wording:

The invisible hand of the free market governs everything and the hardworking get prosperous while the lazy suffer poverty.

Sounds pretty familiar and very rational, doesn’t it…

But check it out again with the religious equivalents of the core terms replaced in:

God of the creation governs everything and the faithful get in heavenwhile the heathen suffer hell.

As you can easily notice, ‘Invisible Hand’ is a replacement for ‘God’, ‘free market’ is a replacement for ‘the creation’, ‘the hardworking’ is a replacement for ‘the faithful’ and…

It has been many decades since African countries have become independent and adopted the very Capitalist economic model of their former colonizers. They were supposed to prosper, raise their life standards, get out of 3rd world status.

Even further, South American countries have been independent close to two centuries, and not only they exactly copied the Capitalist development model, but also had majority of cultural traits of their former colonial masters…

To top that, many other nations which were considered ‘3rd world’ countries decades ago, still get labeled the same, not having broken the cycle of poverty and due to…

Take a look at the below picture:

America’s dirty little secret: 42 million people are suffering from hunger

Were there any American citizens living on US soil who died because they couldn’t afford healthcare?

Focus — The price of insulin is killing Americans

Too poor to retire, too young to die

US is sliding back to a ‘developing world’ status: While a very tiny minority lives in extravagant luxury, hoarding billions of dollars of wealth which they can never reasonably spend on this planet, a majority is suffering in 3rd world conditions which are speedily racing towards the conditions of…

Oz Zeren

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